Regular prevention with our prophylaxis

Prophylaxis refers to individual and professional tooth cleaning. It is usually carried out by a trained prophylactic assistant.

Dental prophylaxis includes all preventive measures. It prevents tooth diseases from developing or getting worse. On the one hand, it consists of individual prophylaxis, i.e. oral hygiene measures at home. On the other hand, regular check-ups and professional teeth cleanings at the dentist make sense.

The World Health Organization (WHO) formulated the long-term goal of prophylaxis under the slogan "22-77-99" that 99 percent of the population at the age of 77 can still use at least 22 percent of their own teeth. Everyone should be informed about the risks and options for their oral health!

Our practice offers:

  • Prophylaxis for adults (preventive examinations, professional teeth cleaning, including for implant and denture wearers, prophylaxis for pregnant women).
  • Children's dental prophylaxis (preventive examinations, teeth cleaning, tooth brushing training, dental sealants).